About Us

Pipers Model Makers

Architectural model makers

Modelling the future since 1977

Since Pipers Model Makers was established in 1977, we’ve been helping the people that have shaped London and other world cities.

We believe that architectural models are a powerful communicator of physical spaces that don’t yet exist and through our expertise we bring these spaces to life.

Our clients need to communicate their plans to a wide range of stakeholders and it’s important that everyone can resonate emotionally and intellectually with their vision. So, we work closely with our clients to understand their ideas and make sure our models do just that.

Our Team

We are a team of artists, makers, product designers and project managers with a collective 450 years in producing amazing architectural models.

Our Studios

Our studio in London is where traditional craft meets the latest technology in machinery and software. It is a hub of creativity and collaboration, providing the opportunity and space for us to work closely with our clients throughout each project.


Every day, we operate with sustainability at the forefront of our minds and are always looking for new ways of working, which can help limit our environmental impact and that of our clients. For more details on what sustainability means to us, please get in touch.